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Our Mission

At Wachusett Pediatric Therapy Center, we are driven by our desire to help every child participate more fully in their community.


We offer accessible, strengths-based speech and occupational therapy in a nurturing, playful environment.


Our heart-centered approach empowers families and helps children grow, learn, and thrive.






Speech Therapy

We provide fun and effective speech and language therapy within our client’s home or our office in 60-minute sessions, followed by family coaching and home programming.


Click here to learn more about our speech services.

Occupational Therapy

We provide one-on-one occupational therapy within our office, focusing on a child’s ability to independently engage in meaningful activities of daily living.


Click here to learn more about our OT services.

Feeding Therapy

We address a variety of feeding difficulties related to oral-motor functioning, sensory processing, and differentiating between a "picky eater" and problem feeder. We focus on building the skills necessary for successful mealtimes.


Click here to learn more about our feeding services.


Sensory Integration Therapy

We utilize dynamic equipment and specialized tools to help a child’s sensory system be able to process environmental information successfully. We focus on building the skills necessary to participate more fully in daily roles and routines.  

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