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Wachusett Pediatric Therapy Center

Speech Therapy &
 Occupational Therapy

A heart centered practice empowering children and families


Wachusett Pediatric Therapy Center

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     Wachusett Pediatric Therapy Center is a heart-centered practice offering accessible, strengths-based speech and occupational therapy for children 0–18.

     Our master's level therapists are committed to learning the latest approaches to help our friends overcome speech, language, social-pragmatic, motor, sensory, and feeding delays and disorders. We take the time to get to know each child so that we can provide the most effective therapy through sessions that are both fun and focused.

     Our center features a 1,000-square-foot sensory gym, full kitchen for feeding therapy, fine motor skills area, community playroom, and individual treatment rooms all designed to support growth and learning. We also offer in-home visits in the Wachusett region of Massachusetts and the surrounding area. Beyond our work in treatment sessions, we empower families by providing resources, programming, guidance, and compassionate support.

Speech Therapy

We provide fun and effective speech and language therapy within our client’s home or our office in 60-minute sessions, followed by family coaching and home programming.

Sensory Integration Therapy


We utilize dynamic equipment and specialized tools to help a child’s sensory system be able to process environmental information successfully. We focus on building the skills necessary to participate more fully in daily roles and routines.  

Feeding Therapy

We address a variety of feeding difficulties related to oral-motor functioning, sensory processing, and differentiating between a "picky eater" and problem feeder. We focus on building the skills necessary for successful mealtimes.  

Occupational Therapy

We provide one-on-one occupational therapy within our office, focusing on a child’s ability to independently engage in meaningful activities of daily living. 

Parents Recommend


The "B" Family

Brie - Thank you for all of the wonderful strategies and tools you’ve given us. I’m so glad you were able to get to know "I" and help us all understand her needs a little more! 


[Leandra] genuinely cares about her clients and uses their individual strengths and weaknesses to help them progress at their own pace [...]
I admire her dedication and appreciate her working as a team with the entire family.


Our son LOVED spending time with Leandra. He would look forward to his therapy sessions.
His face lit up when he saw her. Our son still talks about Leandra
and how much he loves her; she made a lasting impression on all of our lives.


Honestly, I never would have believed she could come this far in such a short time. We are tremendously grateful for Miss Brie’s hard work and expertise. Thank you so very much!

Our Values

At Wachusett Pediatric Therapy Center, we strive to:

Lead With Our Hearts

As a practice, the genuine care we have for the families and children we serve drives every decision we make. From answering a worried question over text message to celebrating every single success, we always lead with our hearts. We’ve got you—and you’ve got this. 

Be Accessible

We aim to make exceptional service accessible in every sense of the word. We accept most major insurance plans; offer services in-home*, at our office, and in the community; and make communication easy on any platform. 

*Currently only available for speech services

Build Community

We strive to create an inclusive, nurturing, and playful environment for children and their families. We believe that by building community within our practice, we better prepare children to break down boundaries and fully participate anywhere they go. 

Connect the Dots

It can be overwhelming to navigate the maze of evaluations, therapy recommendations, and Individualized Education Plans. We can help you understand the complete picture so that together, we can use all of the available resources to support your child’s development. 

Offer Respect

We respect the parenting choices and beliefs of the families we serve. We offer suggestions, support, and resources that make sense in the context of your child’s specific circumstances and complement any other services they might be receiving. 

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